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You do not get what you are due, but what you negotiate.  INCS supports you professionally and in a targeted manner in all negotiating and conflict situations. We ensure that you enter negotiations well prepared and strengthened and are able to complete them successfully.

International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Systems

INCS Service

Stefan Kühn Kuehn, Negotiation Trainer, Mediator, INCS

A relationship is something, that will be there in the morning, when today is no longer here. We help you to secure this investment.

Strong positions are only one symptom. Fighting them does not bring about a solution, it only costs time and money. The key to success lies in the underlying interests.

Whoever feels powerless in negotiations, does not believe they have an alternative. As a rule this is a fatal misjudgement. At INCS we can help you to fulfil this power vacuum.

Generally it is not the strong ones that make the deal, but the smart ones. It is good to know how and when to strike. It is even better to know when not to do this.

— Stefan Kühn

If what is agreed is not adhered to after the deal, the presumed negotiation success is worthless. INCS helps you to safeguard yourself in the negotiating process prior to these risks occurring.

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