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02 Nov

Breaking Barriers


In the spirit of mentorship and business innovation Trish Tonaj has written a book sharing the stories of 10 Entrepreneurial Women.



Breaking Barriers


This information share will provide insight into everything from the “ah ha moments to the barriers broken” in order to pursue dreams and develop strategic plans for success.

What was the motivation for the book? Trish attended a Executive Eduction Certificate Program at Harvard Law School, Cambridge, Massachusetts in June of 2015 with 47 other professionals from around the world. It was unanimous, the concept of mentorship has been lost in today’s fast paced, fragmented business world but the spirit of entrepreneurship is alive and well. We need to share our experiences and expertise.

The foundation for Breaking Barriers is based on collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship and the tools used to negotiate personal and professional success.

The book is available on Amazon in hardcover, softcover and kindle.  


Trish Tonaj:
“We have some very dynamic ladies who share their expertise, providing insight into the reasons why they’ve decided to explore both the risk and reward of being self-employed.”

As part of our commitment to the spirit of innovation, the royalties from this book will be donated annually to charities that support the entrepreneurial spirit.

This brilliantly readable book is packed with powerful insights, and advice for enhancing everyone’s entrepreneurial leadership and success. It is a must-read for anyone interested in starting his or her own business and for any professionals, seeking information on business innovation. 
Stefan Kühn, Partner, CEO INCS Ltd.

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Trish Tonaj

Trish Tonaj is a creative Brand Strategist working with companies throughout North America building strategic partnerships that have increased revenue streams, created “raving customer fans” and supported brand awareness. As a national award winner through the Promotional Products Professionals of Canada, she has enjoyed many years as a brand advocate.


Trish has a B.A in Social Sciences with a major in Labour Studies. As part of her ongoing commitment to working with teams she has successfully completed a certificate in Mediation and Dispute Resolution from Harvard Law School.


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