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Empowering You To Succeed

Negotiations take place every day. To be exact, there are only a few interactions in which negotiations do not play a role.  These range from small, everyday interactions, which cannot really be seen as such, to complex, and serious negotiations, which can have an enormous effect on strategy.

INCS has set itself the target of making people and organisations successful at negotiations. As well as focussing on all central negotiation themes, focus on the person is equally important, as without them, negotiations will not take place.

Who we are

INCS comprises experienced and efficient negotiation professionals and coaches. We concentrate exclusively on negotiations, conflict solutions and coaching. This focus makes us strong.

Our Philosophy

It is the individual that makes the difference. At INCS we strongly believe that people, who negotiate successfully and effectively, will be more successful both in the present and the future, enabling them to take on a key role. We recognise that the ability to interact effectively with others is rapidly eroding in the modern, digitalised world and we want to use our ability and skills to fight this trend. We use the same passion to act on behalf of organisations, so they can achieve success in all situations relating to negotiation and conflict. We strongly believe that organisations who demonstrate a professional negotiation and conflict structure are not only more successful, but also more attractive. Efficient and skilled personnel search out the most attractive companies. We work day to day to make this happen.



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