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INCS, Your Partner

For Good Reasons...

When it really matters to have the right partner at your side. There are six good reasons, why INCS is the right partner for you in the topic of negotiations, conflict solutions, and coaching.

INCS specialists have together longstanding, successful and professional experience. Mandates for Boards of Directors and CxO positions in international companies form part of this, as well as the knowledge of how crises and irregularities are best handled.
With us it is not a matter of completion of the negotiating process per se, but its successful implementation that stands at the central point. From experience we know that 75% of all negotiating results are unsatisfactory and 45% are not even implemented at all. At the same time a lot of time, energy and money is lost. The guaranteeing of a successful implementation begins with negotiation preparation, the chosen tactics and a well-planned and coordinated negotiation management. We lead you to this success but also point out to you, if it is more successful to walk away from a deal, rather than have to live with its result.
We do not do everything, but what we do is part of the best. This is the reason why we have specialised wholly and completely in the specialist sectors conflict management, conflict solutions, teaching and coaching. INCS Senior Profis are the masters of their subjects, which brings with it a total of over 10,000 hours of live operations.
With INCS you have access to a unique, global negotiation platform. Globally represented, INCS professionals have concentrated expertise about how to be successful locally as well as internationally.
Front line management and negotiating experience, this is what makes INCS professionals stand out from the crowd. INCS professionals are able to bring to the negotiating table practical experience to deal with expansions, takeovers, crisis negotiations, crisis management, extra judicial conciliation of conflict, globally active parties, negotiation and conflict solution processes for parties in change-processes as well as negotiations with profit making as well as non-profit making organisations, trade unions, authorities and much more.
Success in practice is today the most important. Being able to know and shape the teaching and developments of tomorrow is relevant for the future. A reason why negotiation specialists from INCS are involved in on going research projects, drafting of scientific theses and passing on their knowledge on an academic level.




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