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The Mindful Negotiatior

Sense the Details

The power belongs not to who is dominant, but who can appear to be correct and true. Real power acts more subtly and is noticeable, even if it is not visible. Whoever is no longer interested in outdated negotiating tactics, and is searching for more depth in a negotiation, will be perfectly suited to this workshop. Whoever negotiates carefully, can change the game and the entire course of the negotiations. Experience how you can convincingly achieve „softness“ and how confident, careful negotiations can lead you to your target.

Experience how success often lies in the detail, by means of vibrantly conveyed knowledge and many practical exercises and simulations. Recognise the opportunities that these approaches open up for you and use them to reach a successful conclusion. In a time where attempts are made to make every negotiation harder and less compromising than the one before, it is time to start singing from a different hymn sheet. The best negotiating professionals in history were not the big guys, but the careful and attentive ones.


Who should take part in this workshop?
All those who no longer wish to take part in this often played game. Management personnel, who are looking for more meaningfulness in a negotiation, and personalities, who really want to live strengths in their environment. Management personnel and those responsible for HR, who have set themselves a target of not only communicating values, but also living them. Careful, effective, sustainable, strong.


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