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The Agent-Principal Dilemma

How to Walk On the Edge Successfully 

Reconciling customer orders, customer wishes and the requirements of further stakeholders is often a balancing act. Following a promising start seemingly overlapping interests seem to diverge.

The cooperation and negotiations appear to cool off. The original order often commits the representative to take up topics with the customer, which subjectively do not lie in their short term interests. These differently perceived views can lead to tensions, which not only place the original order in jeopardy, but also risk the longer-term customer relationship. Legal regulations and various compliance laws, which can pose a further challenge to long-term good collaboration can then also be added to this mix.

Often it is a question of relevant orders or mandates, which from strategic considerations cannot be exposed to risk. Awkward negotiations can quickly become very expensive. This can result in loss of image, margins and even customers.

This two day workshop focuses on this issue. Negotiations must be applied to a tense environment, in which there is more than one interest involved. The challenge lies in developing the ability to selectively not comply with all the wishes of a customer in the sustained interest of the relationship but at the same time strengthening and developing the relationship.


Who should take part in this workshop
Trustees, investment bankers, lawyers, auditors and management personnel, who are always under pressure to honour the various stakeholder requirements. Specialists, who structurally find themselves again in a conflict area between order placement and fulfilment and therefore must for this very reason guarantee a sustained level of customer loyalty.


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