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Project Management Negotiations

Stay On Top Of It

The interfaces that a Project Manager has to manage are extensive. Corporate interns and external personnel must belong to parties and be included in decision or planning processes. We assume that Project Managers, who visit this two day intensive workshop, are professionals in their area. We therefore place the focus completely and fully on the topic of negotiations in complex project situations.

Whoever does not negotiate effectively in a dynamic project management environment, loses control and management of the project. Whoever shows too much understanding of the problems of others is exempted, and whoever negotiates in a draconian way to bulldoze through their project will be penalised latest in their next project. Competent, sustainable and decisive negotiations are called for. Being firm, but empathetic when dealing with others is a recipe for success, which is more easily said than done.

A two day interactive and challenging seminar, that leaves room open for group work and personal negotiating situations, so that participants can benefit in a circle of like- minded people from mutal experiences. Paired with the knowledge shared the workshop will equip you with a negotiating toolcase, which will strengthen you and your projects in every respect.


Who should take part in this workshop:
Management personnel, who are managing or coordinating complex projects, those responsible for projects, and who regularly negotiate with different parties, as well as specialists who are under pressure and have the feeling, they have to do the right thing by everybody.


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