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Emotional Triggers

Know the Impact

Whoever curses emotions, has not understood the person, and whoever believes that emotions can be separated from the matter at hand, will find themselves in a maze. Emotions are a blessing and a curse, and can be both motivating and frustrating. They can give us courage or make us anxious, or even paralyse us. Whoever is able to control them, can control the negotiations.

Until recently, advice was given to negotiating parties that emotions should only be expressed on mutual agreement, or that they should be worked off at the beginning of the negotiations. Freed from these emotions, it would then be possible to concentrate on the subject matter in a sober frame of mind. Success did not come, but the tale remained. Today still numerous managment personnel believe in this view which has even been refuted by science.

In this two-day workshop you do not learn how to brush emotions under the carpet, but how to deal with them, both your own emotions and those of your counterpart. By means of the latest knowledge, case examples, practical applications and group work, you will learn how to steer and use emotions constructively. After this workshop, you will approach negotiations more confidently and calmly, in the knowledge that you can steer emotions in the right direction.


Who should take part in this workshop:
Management personnel, who are constantly under pressure and regularly have to fight with their own negative emotions, or those of others. All those who find themselves time and time again in meetings and negotiations, in which uncontrollable emotions make a constructive approach impossible. Specialist and management personnel, who have had enough of arguing and debates and would like to break out of this loop.


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