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Cross-Cultural Negotiations

Think and Act Globally 

More and more companies are expanding their business relationships abroad. Markets are developed and new distribution and purchasing channels opened up. Many organisations move production plants abroad or take part in joint ventures. The world is supposedly becoming smaller.

But complexity remains high. Negotiations between cultures, whether this be regional or global, are plastered with different traditions, perceptions and ideals. Misunderstandings are part of the daily agenda and can have expensive as well as strategically risky consequences.

So as to be able to negotiate successfully and effectively on an international level, a profound understanding of the corresponding cultural influential factors is required. A checklist of „do’s and don’t’s“, even if they are detailed, is by far not enough to be able to manage complex negotiations at a high level.

INCS is at home in the field of international negotiations management. At this two day interculturally intensive workshop you will receive the necessary tools to enable you to expediently increase your international negotiating competence. INCS enables you to have a solid basic knowledge of how to negotiate on an international level and specifically focusses on the fundamental economic regions.

Benefit from a workshop that is very practically aimed and which stands in the foreground in the exchange of practical applications

Who should take part in this workshop:
Management and specialist personnel, who are often dealing with international business and who wish to further expand their expertise. Globally established business people, who have to negotiate complex international contracts and find solutions to how these can be efficiently and securely developed. Decision makers, who are dealing with an internationalisation strategy and who are looking for an exchange between like-minded people.


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