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As Individual as You

Regardless of whether you preside over an organisation, you are member of a board or committee, are responsible for a business sector, deliver professional legal or audit services, manage complex products, or have career ambitions, the leading of negotiations lies in the middle of your professional everyday. You often find yourself in the proximity of difficult people and are confronted by their behavioural traits.

Knowledge, whether it be in the form of a specific, challenging situation, systematic preparation, the choice of correct tactics, the recognition and use of opportunities and options, as well as sticking to one’s guns when the going gets tough. All of these are decisive for your success.

With the following intensive negotiation workshops, INCS offers you the best tools tried and tested in practice to lead you to sucess. These two day workshops are focussed and interactive, so that all those taking part can intensively deal with the topics. Simulations, fascinating examples from the business world and exciting discussions in a professional environment of like-minded people make these workshops a unique experience.


INCS Workshops

Yes he Can

The She-Power

Demand what is due to you, achieve personal goals without having to justify yourself. You are good, professional, strong, creative and generate added value. With the „She-Power“ you successfully implement your claim.

Mindfullness Negotiation

The Mindful Negotiator  

Complete concentration, actively listening, reacting profitably to non-verbal signs, keeping quiet so as to ask the correct questions in critical situations as well: all this and negotiating ethics are covered by this specialist workshop.

Emotiona Triggers

Emotional Triggers

Many negotiations do not fail in the subject, but in emotions. Learn not only how you can deal with your own emotions, but also the emotions of your counterparty. Whoever masters their emotions, controls and leads the negotiations – without if’s and but’s.

The Agent Principal Dilemma

The Agent-Principal Dilemma

Strategic discussions between auditor and customer, lawyer and patron or investment banker and client are challenging. This is a special workshop to enable such decisions to proceed successfully, enforce issues and secure relationships for the long term.

Cross Cultural Negotiation

Cross-Cultural Negotiations

Other countries other customs: how do I negotiate successfully, if my business partner has a different cultural background? Learn how you can successfully move on an international level to achieve your targets successfully, securely and sustainably.

Sales Training

Project Management Negotiations

Deadline and cost pressure, negotiating with different parties, bringing various interests under one roof, this and much more are everyday tasks for a Project Manager. Project Management Negotiations leads to better negotiations and more success in all projects.


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