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INCS' Professional Negotiator®

Master Your Skills 

The Professional Negotiator is the flagship of this program. This intensive, two day exchange between management personnel from different branches gives experienced „Negotiators“ even more comprehensive penetrating power. Multi-party negotiations, negotiations in different cultural contexts, negotiating in crisis situations and handling of concentrated emotions (own emotions and those of the counterparty).

The Professional Negotiator is a first class, high end negotiation training that offers solutions, which can in practice be used one to one. Executives taking part can bring along their own real negotiating cases, which can be examined and discussed. They can then return home with concrete proposed solutions and constructive feedback. You can benefit not only from the knowledge of INCS consultants, but also from the cumulative experiences of all other professionals taking part. So that confidential things remain confidential, all participants will sign a confidentiality agreement with regards to the subject matter discussed on this course.


Who should take part in this program:
Experienced management personnel, who have a solid background in negotiating procedures and are looking for new ways in which to further expand their negotiating skills. Practitioners, who are looking for an active exchange of complex negotiating topics within a circle of like-minded people and finally management representatives of all levels who find themselve repeatedly in harsh confrontations and tough negotiations.


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