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INCS' Leading Negotiator®

Become An Expert 

Building on the Effective Negotiator in this program you will learn further central negotiating elements. INCS can give you legal, tactical and also structured elements, with which you can navigate your way through difficult and complex negotiating situations. With techniques tested in practice and derived from behavioural research you will be in the position to be able to transform the destructive behaviour of your counterparty into a constructive process.

Many internal negotiations do not just take place at the negotiating table. Successful negotiating parties recognise the opportunities and risks from non-present decision-making influencers or bodies and consider all of these in the negotiation build up and process. The Leading Negotiator brings this and much more, providing solutions, which help alleviate daily headaches, time wasting and negative energy.

  • Increase your understanding, as to how negotiations are built up and structured
  • Learn how to build up negotiations under difficult conditions so as to achieve your target
  • Recognise solution approaches, and how you can further increase the value of the object of negotiation
  • Use suitable solution orientated negotiating techniques
  • Find out how you can solve the conflict between a co-operative partnership and hard negotiations


Who should take part in this program:

Management personnel who regularly lead or oversee challenging and complex negotiations and high performers, who must quickly, efficiently and successfully adapt and negotiate in a challenging environment


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