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INCS' Effective Negotiator®

Get Ready 

Transform your disputes into expedient negotiations, transform good negotiation contracts into even better deals, solve apparently insurmountable problems.

Effective negotiations lie in finding ways out of mixed up and conflict ridden situations, in which the negotiator changes the game. In this two day interactive program you will receive a proven negotiation tool kit, which you can use to target better negotiation results, regardless of whether this is with customers, opponents, stakeholders or even privately.

In a professional group of like- minded people you can experience an attractive mix of exciting basic principles and committed practical application. You will have the opportunity to use and test out learned skills immediately. In this way you can benefit from our experience in different branches and from various negotiation and conflict situations. No longer hand over negotiating tactics and negotiations to fate, but let yourself be convinced by a range of the most different strategies and techniques to see how successful parties negotiate today.


Key Learnings:

  • Learn the systematics of successfully managed negotiations
  • Recognise the value of professional preparation, with which you can lead and influence a negotiation in a determined manner.
  • Sharpen your knowledge with regards to your negotiating strengths and weaknesses
  • Recognise how you can get more by increasing the value of the negotiating object.
  • Obtain security, in which you clearly demand what is due to you.


Who should take part in this program:

Management personnel from all branches who find themselves time and again in difficult negotiation situations and who want to leave these situations strong and successfully, as well as specialist personnel who often have to deal with stubborn negotiating partners.


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