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Master Your Skills

Your Way to Become a Professional Negotiator

Too many negotiators put good money on the table, or allow opportunities to pass them by unrecognised. A clearly small cake is often cut up following long, hard and often destructive negotiations. More for one side, means less for the other. Even if a person belongs to the side that has received more, the price to pay for it is often high (loss of relationships and reputation, ignoring of improvement and optimisation opportunities). Even when a lot is riding on it, the right behaviour under pressure can pose the biggest challenge.

Whoever wants to negotiate the optimal targets effectively and reliably needs a sharp understanding of all important negotiating processes, systematic preparation, tactically led negotiation management and first class interpersonal skills.

At these intensive interactive programs built on one another, you will receive indispensible tools, technology and the ability to maximise your negotiating strengths and penetrating power. Learn from the bottom up how thanks to professional preparation, optimal coordination, target oriented strategy and tactics, you can strengthen your negotiating position, so that you keep the upper hand in negotiating procedures.

At INCS we promote the leading of negotiations constructively, confidently, professionally and with the necessary ethics. Of course we are used to not having all parties sharing these values. This brings neither us nor graduates of our program in to difficulties as we teach what is to be done, when hard ball or unfair play happens.

With the Effective Negotiator®, the consolidating Leading Negotiator® and the final Professional Negotiator® you will be able to negotiate more securely, sustainably and successfully than ever before.




INCS Programs


Focus Effective Negotiator®

Theory & Basics 100%
Special Topics 50%
Examples 100%
Simulations 50%
Own Negotiation Case 10%

Focus Leading Negotiator®

Theory & Basics 50%
Special Topics 85%
Examples 100%
Simulations 80%
Own Negotiation Case 30%

Focus Professional Negotiator®

Theory & Basics 10%
Special Topics 100%
Examples 80%
Simulations 100%
Own Negotiation Case 100%

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