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Tailored For Your Company

In-house negotiating courses specially tailored to the needs of your company cover all individual needs. Your company is unique: your training should be likewise! There is no company, organisation or institution, in which negotiations are not in one way or another part of the daily agenda. The demands may vary depending on the sector or managment level they are on, but what they have in common is that all negotiations should be managed effectively, efficiently and in a solution orientated manner. In many sectors of the economy such as public services, authorities and non-profit organisations - endless meetings, unsatisfactory negotiations and the constant turning over of the same subjects sacrifices a vast amount of resources, which could otherwise be used satisfactorily and profitably.

INCS offers remedies in which we can specifically put together the different needs of companies and organisations. In a target focussed manner we can lead sectors, specialist personnel and executive personnel to success, by comprehensively strengthening their capacity to make them effective in the interests of negotiating successfully for the company or organisation.

Greater efficiency, improved cost management, more satisfaction and contentment and not least more success are the results. An investment, which will pay out immediately.



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