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Corporate Negotiations

Be One Of The Best

INCS makes it possible for companies to build up negotiating platforms spanning organisations. Companies who decide on this step, can complement their already existing expertise with the core competence of professional negotiating guidance. The advantages of this are strategic, sustainable and significant:

  • Revenue growth
    • Systematically negotiated contracts and stronger market positions
    • Fixed, sustainable partnerships
    • Agreements that can be implemented and that are realisable
    • No contracts that only serve turnover and not profit
  • Increase in efficiency
    • Remove endless internal negotiations (discussions)
    • Pronounced learning curve: external and internal negotiations are systematically analysed (lessons learned)
    • High degree of employee satisfaction: clearly structured negotiating concepts ensure acceptance and constructive collaboration
    • better understanding and acceptance for procedures and interfaces
  • Increase in innovation
    • Value generating negotiations promotes creativity
    • Identification of opportunities and options generates ideas
    • Open minded thinking thanks to constructive negotiations
  • Comply strategy
    • Negotiations are manageable and match the strategy, views and values of the organisation
    • Negotiation monitoring
  • Better governance, risk & compliance
    • Widely supported negotiating competence reduces dependency on individual negotiators 
    • target orientated negotiations between Risk-Management/Compliance and the business sectors

Successful companies have recognised that by means of professional cross-company negotiating procedures it is possible to significantly increase efficiency and profit. You no longer need to rely on the negotiating skills of a few people, but can transform the ability of effectively being able to negotiate effectively and improving the core competence of your whole organisation.

Many companies still assume that for them the most relevant negotiations take place with customers, suppliers, authorities, banks, partners, employees etc. During these negotiations, it is beyond doubt that match is crucial and research has shown that at least 65% of all negotiations are managed internally. Institutionalised negotiation processes not only increase performance and success externally, but also optimise the internal interface and provide for an increase in efficiency and cost optimisation.


INCS specialises in building up highly effective, target orientated negotiating platforms within companies. We are happy to present you and your company or organisation a tailor-made model of a negotiating platform. Allow yourself to be won over by the INCS „Deal-Level Metrics“ and management instruments. Numerous negotiations take place daily on all levels and within all sectors. Make this into a strength and not a weakness.

We bring you back on track, so that tomorrow you belong to one of those companies, that is unbeatable in every way.



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