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Personal Negotiation Profile®

Personal Negotiation Profile is an exclusive “Profiling System” developed through INCS, with which the negotiating characteristics of a person can be gathered. The personal analysis shows you your inclinations, strengths and possible risk areas depending on the negotiating situation. The better you know yourself, the more specific and successful you will be at preparing yourself for negotiations, putting teams together and keeping the process under control. The personal negotiation profile puts an end to assumptions and brings clarity to your current situation, making it possible for you to better develop your negotiating potential and abilities.

Your profile is gathered by means of an on-line questionnaire and a personal or telephone interview. Following an analysis procedure developed through INCS your profile is presented and explained in a personal discussion.  Benefit from the opportunity to discuss your profile intensively and with a negotiating professional. This will enable you to enter your next round of negotiations with strength and vigour.



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